Lauren Alaina was the first performer of the night. She is young, spuunky and is severely talented. I defintately see some star potential in her. Somehow little bits and peices of her personality shine through everytime we get a chance to see her, and thats always great when getting to see a star. Her singing this episode was great, but I agree with the Judges, she should have chosen a song that better highlights how amazing her voice is.

Stefano Langone. Let me just start by stating that I WILL absolutely be bias with this boy, because not only is he talented, hes got the good looks going for him as well. Stefano, is a good singer, he brings to the table something we saw in this past season with Kris Allen. A sense of great talent and versatility with a greater sense of humility. Again we see a little character shining through with every chance we get to see him. Hes definately a great dresser. If he gets further, I can definately see him with a recording contract and making number 1 hit singles. That is IF he gets further, hes definately a little outshined by other talent on the show.

That brings us to Pia Toscana. Gosh is she beautiful. She really comes off as one of those beautiful on the inside and out kind of people. Not to mention that shes got this incredibly great voice. Her song choice was great, and while I felt there were moments she didnt do justice to her true talent, I think shes still got the vote of every sane American. Theres something about Pia, something that is her driving factor and her motivation. Everytime she comes on stage you can tell she LOVES to be there. I’d say its a standing ovation well earned.

Haley Reinhart really surprised me tonight. Personally, Im not a huge fan. I never like the whole revving of your voice thing on any singer, but today she stepped away from that and did some yodelling. I definately perfer the yodelling to the revving and over projecting of her voice that she displayed in last weeks performance. She donned a beautiful dress too, and I think she shined tonight. Last week I would have said that I dont care too much for her, but this week, I can honestly say that im looking forward to hearing what else she can do, and how versatile she can be.

Thia Megia is definately a powerhouse in the competition. She also wore a really great dress tonight, but there was something lacking from her performance. Shes definately a sweety pie, and you can tell she really wants to be here, but so far all I dont see alot to her. Shes a floater in the competition. Gets by because of the strong voice that she has, and how amazing it is that she is so young and can sing to the capability of an older person. However, do i see her being a strong recording artist and with a sold out album. No, because right now, I dont see any personality. She may be on key in every song, but from what she shows of her personality, she definately falls flat.

Karen Rodriguez. Now that girl has personality. Shes very different from latino women that we have seen in the past, such as none other than Judge Jennifer Lopez. Lopez demonstrates a sexiness and confidence in everything she does. While Karen is quite shy yet bubbly. Shes definately a front runner in the competition, and her style choices definately help. Tonight she really embodied her Music icon and I think she really nailed it. However the song wasnt the best for her, she didnt really get to display the stronger element to her voice. Lots of her notes sounded very wimpy tonight, but I think shes got a strong head and can definately pull it togather for next week.

Paul Macdonald’s performance was different. Like nothing I have ever seen on Idol before. I dont know if thats good or bad, but what I can say is Paul’s voice definately has potential. Hes got one of those voices that will be recognized on the radio, its got a rasp to it, but he proves that this rasp doesnt withold the stongness of his voice. Although his style choices are a bit odd, I like that hes sticking to being himself. I for one did not understand all the moving he did, but it seemed to make for a good performace. If the audience is happy, who am i to feel otherwise.

James Durbin. First let me start by saying. Doesnt he look like Adam Lambert? Secondly doesnt he sound like Adam Lambert? James Durbin has definately got it going on for him. Hes definately got what the ladies are looking for which is great. In terms of vocals this week, I think he was good, I liked that he stays consistent to the way he enjoys to sing. However, I fear his head may be getting to big. Every week he recieves some kind of praise, not to mention a countless number of press events, parties, and photo shoots thrown in his honour and he may already be caught up in living the STAR lifestyle. I hope the other contestants are ready to take him, cause he doesnt look like he will be going down without a fight.

Steven Tyler looked seemed to admire every woman who entered the stage.
Jennifer Lopez looked stunning in her dress.
Randy Jackson, did a great job trying to fill in for Simon Cowell.
Ryan Seacrest had a few cute moments tonight, so i hope Julianne Hough was watching.

I know not all the contestants were discussed in this blog, that is solely because I am writing based off of the performaces and people that I remember. Which pretty much means, Im only going to talk about the contestants that stand out. Not that the other contestants werent good, and definately not that every contestant mentioned in this blog was good, but like I said. Im writing about who I think could make a good, talented, remembered contestant and hopefully recording artist.

Good Night Idols!

We have to see the best in people.
We have to know that there is some good in everybody.
No matter what their ratio good to bad is.
No matter what their motives or inspirations are.
We have to see that small tiny bit of good.
We have to embrace that amount of good, within their hearts.
It is what adds to the amount of goodness we hold in our hearts.
It truly keeps the world spinning round.
When we see the good in other people.
We show the good in ourselves.

No one to love?
Thats impossible!
Theres a million people who need love.
Your reading the post of a girl who has lived through a long 6 years wanting yearning and needing to be loved.
Praying that each crush I had would be my future husband.
Wishing that they could see how much I wanted to be with them.
Longing for it to be God’s plan as well.
I can tell you know, I dont think it was God’s plan for me.
So where does that leave me?
Where does that leave you and I?
Do we give up on love?
Do we give up the longing to feel loved?
No we dont.
We channel that love that we desperately need towards someone who just as desperately needs it.
No Im not saying that we should adopt every orphaned child we encounter.
Im not even saying that we should quit our jobs and work for a charity.
All im saying is that we need to open our hearts to God.
Allow him to show us, how to love.
Allow him to show us, who to love.
At first he may show us how to love our parents better
He may even show us how to love strangers.
This is all just preparation,for what he wants to bring to you.
He wants to bring someone into your life, that you are capable of loving.
When he finally does, trust me you will know.
Until then, channel your love to someone who really needs it.
The store clerk that hates her job.
The woman who left everything behind in a war ridden country.
The man who lost his family in a fire.
The man who was convicted and put behind bars.
Channel your love somewhere else.
And you will find your Somebody else.


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